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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. – Margaret Mead



Come to learn and participate. Go home inspired.



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EcoViva Community Empowerment Tours offer you the chance to take some time away from the everyday grind to get a fresh perspective. Come to El Salvador to see social change in action, and witness the power of the human spirit to overcome adversity.



We offer affordable, customized tours for congregations, schools, universities, families and community groups. In fact, any group of seven people or more can contact us to organize a customized tour. Interested individuals are welcome to join our open tours, offered one to two times per year.



See our tour schedule to learn about upcoming tours.



Most tours last 7 to 10 days, and offer the rare chance to meet local community organizers and hear powerful stories of survival and resilience. We spend most of the week in small villages visiting a wide variety of community projects – including organic farms, a sea turtle hatchery, youth art classes, a childcare cooperative and a community-powered radio station – and end with a day or two of relaxation and reflection on a beautiful beach.



Your presence helps build a green local economy. Our tours are organized and run by local people who make a fair wage. You will eat homecooked meals with a local family and, when possible, eat local produce from family farms associated with our Sustainable Agriculture program.


The tours are based in Ciudad Romero, a village founded in 1991 by approximately 300 families of former refugees from the Salvadoran highlands returning after 10 years of exile in the jungles of Panama. This pleasant farming community is highly organized and has grown relatively prosperous in the two decades since these families returned to El Salvador. Some tours stay with local families, while others stay in the community dormitory, a rustic lodge located on a verdant demonstration farm.


Sample Itinerary*

Day 1: Arrive in San Salvador travel by van for 1.5 hours to the village of Ciudad Romero

Day 2: Community history tour led by local leaders; Tour of tree nursery and seed bank

Day 3: Visit to radio station & cashew-roasting cooperative; youth theater and art presentation

Day 4: Boat ride through the mangroves; Release baby sea turtles into the ocean at a local hatchery (seasonal)

Day 5: Visit to organic farms; see water and sanitation projects

Day 6: Visit community child-care cooperative; travel to the beach

Day 7: Rest and reflection at a beachside resort

Day 8: Return home


* The itinerary is often customized to the interests of the group. Many tours include 1 to 2 days visiting historic sites in San Salvador.


Contact us to organize a tour specific to the interest of your congregation, community group, family or school.



University Professors: We can work with you and your university to arrange for-credit field courses in a wide variety of fields, such as sociology, cultural anthropology, conservation science, wetlands biology, water systems engineering and migration studies.



Congregations: We can arrange a spiritual journey for your congregation revolving around the value of solidarity and the powerful legacies of Archbishop Romero, the Maryknoll sisters and/or the Jesuit martyrs in inspiring change in El Salvador.