This is a partial list that includes recent figures from only some of the programs implemented by La Coordinadora - Mangrove Association, our local partners in El Salvador, with support from EcoViva.



Clean Water


Designation of Bay of Jiquilisco as El Salvador's largest national protected area (156,000 acres), UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and UN-recognized Ramsar Wetlands site legally co-managed by local communities


14,000 residents now have access to clean drinking water



120,000 organic vegetable seedlings and fruit tree saplings are distributed each year to small-scale farmers



4,735 acres of mangrove forest are now protected by community patrols


1,100,000 endangered sea turtles have been hatched and released into the ocean by local villagers



494 composting toilets have been built by villagers and volunteers to decrease groundwater pollution and life-threatening illnesses

84 communities are equipped with an Early Warning System for disaster response



5,500 people in 40 villages safely evacuated after largest floods on record in October of 2011



500 youth have participated in empowerment programs such as literacy promotion, art, theater and community organizing




12 years have passed with virtually no gang-related violence in our partner communities



1,302 people like you contribute to make this all happen